What is community-owned fiber?

We’re proposing a public-private partnership to bring the internet infrastructure of a modern city to Davis: a community-owned fiber optic network providing internet connections at the speed of up to a gigabit per second. We’re excited about bringing community-owned and stakeholder-operated telecommunications to town, and look forward to working with private internet service providers to guarantee high-quality internet to all.

When we’re no longer bound to aging, monopoly-controlled copper phone and cable lines we will be able to provide all our citizens with the affordable internet access needed to learn, teach, connect and stay competitive in the global community. Like the phone lines installed 100 years ago, our fiber optic network will be used for decades to come. This community-owned, -operated and -maintained infrastructure is an investment in our future. It’s time for us to take action and develop the internet infrastructure that Davis needs in order to remain a leader in science, technology and quality of life.

Why is community-owned fiber good for Davis?

For most of us, reliable high-speed internet is out of reach. Most of us can’t watch Netflix in Ultra HD quality, and nearly half of our neighbors don't have fast enough connections to watch a YouTube video without buffering. We’re fed up with overpaying for slow service, but bringing gigabit-speed fiber-optic internet to Davis isn’t just about loading videos faster.

Here is just a small selection of the benefits of community fiber:

Truly unlimited, reliable and lightning-fast service everywhere in Davis at prices that may match--or even beat--currently available plans.
Major internet providers in the US lack privacy protections. A community fiber network will open the Davis market to providers who don’t supplement their revenue by selling your data.
Investment in the community
Reduced maintenance costs and reasonable utility service fees will allow the city to recoup its investment, turning the fiber optic network into a revenue-generating asset when the city leases access to its infrastructure to privately-owned service providers.
Community connectivity
Even without buying access to the rest of the web, residents of a networked Davis will be able to video chat and share files with neighbors, and instantly move data between home and campus.
You’ll be able to pick from a wide variety of internet, television and phone options from multiple providers, all served from the City network. High quality shared infrastructure means you’ll be able to switch providers as your needs change without the hassle of installing and activating new hardware.
Transparency and accountability
Community fiber is made for you. When you have a concern, your voice matters.

Community-owned fiber will open the doors to this and so much more.

How can we bring community-owned fiber to Davis?

We can't do it without you.

Davis was once a leader in Internet connectivity thanks to Davis Community Network. The efforts of this citizen-driven, non-profit organization brought internet access to Davis in 1993. It’s time for us to take action on internet access once more. We plan on launching Davis out of the "Copper Ages" and into the era of fiber optic networks that boast data speeds approaching the speed of light. Join our network of neighbors working to make the next mark on Davis's legacy of exceptionalism.

You can help.

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